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''It is a privilege for any human being to enter the water and see the incredible world that lies beneath. The ocean is an astonishing, changeable landscape. It can be invigorating, exciting, fierce and ferocious. Alternatively it can be a calm, peaceful, meditative place of tranquillity. Within the waves a colossal variety of weird and wonderful creatures live, many of which will never be known to the people who only stay topside.

Some of my happiest moments have been underwater. Swimming down and breathing in this alien environment is a thrill, but when you add in experiences such as looking into the eye of a playful seal, being bumped by a passing ray or gliding over a healthy colourful reef on a drift dive you really have an experience that will stay with you forever. I get pleasure not only from having these memories but also from sharing these moments and reliving them with other people through my photography

Photography is a fantastic tool that can be used to great effect by the conservation community. Scientific evidence doesn’t always lead to action. Facts, figures, pie charts and graphs don’t necessarily inspire humans to change their behaviour. To make people sit up and take notice, what is needed is a medium that pulls at the heartstrings.’

All of the photos here are for sale but will be limited to a run of 20 on each individual photograph.   


                                                              Jenny       July 2023

Fishy Dreams.jpg
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